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The share of mobile devices is growing all the time so websites are required to work on devices of all sizes. Responsive design means that the layout of a website automatically adapts to the screen dimensions. 

With search engine optimization you get free search engine visibility and perhaps don’t need to buy ads. The headings and texts should describe the company using the most common terms, so that when somebody enters these terms in a search engine, the website has a chance of being in the results.

The amount of mobile users (who in general have slow connections) has increased, and the speed of wired connections hasn’t significantly increased either. Having a website that loads fast is still very relevant. This is particularly demanding as websites should be ever more impressive, but the file size of big images should not grow. Therefore, we ensure that all your images are compressed.

A website needs to share content where people already are, so that the content gets visibility. Push out your contents to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other similar services. Visibility sparks interest to visit the website. While users visit your website, promote sharing to social networks. Two-way integration leads to a positive loop!

minimalist feature of Cloudads websites

Flat Design is a minimalist design approach, which you can opt for, that features the use of clean and open space, bright colors, and simple two-dimensional illustrations.The rise of flat design can be attributed to the need for fast-loading websites that provide users with an enjoyable browsing experience on both mobile and desktop. Web design is moving in more of a “less is more” mindset. 

website hosting and maintenance

The more content, the bigger the likelihood to be seen on somebody’s search engine results page. In social media, only new content has potential to spread, not old. Therefore it is imperitive to keep information current and relevant. Our monthly hosting and maintenance meets this need since you don’t pay for website changes throughout the month. It couldn’t be easier to stay relevant.